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QuestionWhat is the difference between the Red Light and Speed Camera purchase options?

Red Light and Speed Camera information is available in formats including a One-Year Subscription, a One-Time Download, and a Free Trial. Your format selection will depend on how frequently you plan to download updates as well as the length of time you would like to have the service.

One-Year Subscription – A One-year subscription will provide unlimited red light and speed camera downloads for the region selected over the course of one year. Pay only one time and return as often as you choose to download updates to your compatible device. This option will keep you up to date as speed cameras are relocated or added in your area.

One-Time Download – A One-time update will allow a single snapshot purchase of the red light and speed camera database for the region selected. This inexpensive purchase option will give you up to date information at your time of purchase, and as information becomes outdated, another One-time update or One-year subscription can be purchased. (Note: The One-Time download option is not available in all regions.)

Free Trial – Not sure if you are interested in a red light and speed camera subscription? A 30-day free trial allows you to test out the service free of charge. Updates can be downloaded to your device throughout the free trial period. One free trial is offered per device and at the end of the trial, a new One-time update or One-year subscription can be purchased. The free trial is not available for all red light and speed camera regions.

Last modified on10/28/2015

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