QuestionHow do I activate the free Navteq lifetime traffic subscription that came with my GPS device?

To activate the free lifetime Navteq traffic subscription that came with your Garmin device, perform the following steps:

  1. Plug the traffic receiver/vehicle power cable into both the vehicle and the GPS device or cradle
    • For better traffic receiver reception, allow the cable to stretch out to its full length
  2. Power your GPS device on and allow it to acquire a satellite signal
  3. Touch View Map from the main menu
  4. Allow the device time to receive a FM traffic signal (this may take a few minutes within a Garmin Traffic or HD Digital Traffic coverage area)

If the device is not receiving traffic after this process, follow these steps outlined in the following article: Why isn't my device receiving any FM traffic information?

Additional information concerning your traffic receiver, can be found in the owner's manual for your device. Owner's manuals are updated and available for download on our website here:

Last modified on07/31/2015

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